It is true that garages ensure the safety of our vehicles. However, when the garage door groans, rattles, or scratches, then it becomes too annoying. You, as well as your neighbors, suffer as a result.

So, how to fix a noisy garage door? You won’t believe how easy it is. To eliminate garage door noise, read the article completely.

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What Causes The Garage to Make noise?

A noisy garage door indicates missing or loose bolts or screws on the door and track supports. How can we resolve this problem?

How To Fix A Noisy Garage Door?

You can easily fix the noise of the garage doors by following these steps:

1) Retighten The Bolts And Screws.

The first thing that you can do is to retighten the bolts and screws of your garage door using a wrench. The carriage bolt heads may tear through the garage door if the lag screw holes are overtightened. Be careful not to do that!

2) Inspect the garage door rollers or replace the hinges.

Another common cause of annoying noise in garage doors is friction. So, check the garage door rollers.

It is possible for old metal rollers that have scraped against tracks for years to make a shrill noise and wobble when they move. You should regularly lubricate and replace any broken rollers or hinges on your garage door.

3) Lubrication

Lubrication is usually used to maintain the garage doors. Right? But you’ll be glad to know that it’s the best and cheapest method to get rid of the garage door noise as well.

You probably don’t have enough lubricant in the door if it makes a squeaking or squealing sound. You can also reduce garage door noise by adding rubber pieces as buffers for the garage door and door opener.

You can use these three easy solutions to prevent your garage door from making odd noises. So, now you know how to fix a noisy garage door. For any questions, feel free to hit us up in the comment section below.

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