A garage door, like other home appliances, needs regular maintenance to keep running effortlessly and smoothly. People who don’t take care of their overhead garage door often end up paying high on expensive garage door repairs and replacements. Performing maintenance checks on your door regularly is the key to avoid garage door problems. Bearing this in mind, we have put together some information that is sure to help you keep your door working in the best form for years to come.

Keep Your Garage Door Running with These Easy Tips

Use a Light Silicone-Based Oil

Your garage door needs lubrication every six months to keep working smoothly. Hinges, springs, shafts, and bearings are the parts that need lubrication the most. You may use a garage door lubricant or a silicone-based oil to grease your garage door. You’re not supposed to use petroleum-based lubricants, as they don’t offer protection against corrosion, and can cause your door to stick when it’s below freezing.

Tighten the loose hardware

Garage doors seem to live a simple life, but some of its main components are always in the struggle to ensure smooth garage door operations. We all take our garage doors for granted and don’t pay attention to it until it starts having problems. While working non-stop for years, your garage door’s hardware may get loosen, and loose screws and bolts if not tightened on time can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. So, it’s highly advised that you take care of your garage door regularly.

You may also hire a professional garage door repair contractor for the maintenance of your garage door. They have all the tools and equipment necessary to perform maintenance with the greatest efficiency and accuracy.