If you’re tired of your garage door failing again and again, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the solutions for common garage door problems. So read till the end to know the maximum.

Noisy Garage Door

Applying a lubricant to some of the key parts of garage doors may solve this issue. Remove debris and dirt from the track and apply a few drops of lubricant to springs, hinges, and rollers. Note, you’re not supposed to lubricate the track.

Solutions for the Most Common Garage Door Problems


Your garage door is more likely to become affected by the rust over time. Giving a new coat to your garage door is the best thing to keep such problems at bay. Remove road salt in the winter and keep the garage door threshold neat and clean.

Your garage door won’t open or close

When your garage door is stuck, it’s mostly due to the minor problems with garage door opener. So be sure to check your door opener’s batteries. You will also need to ensure nothing is causing the blockage in the way of your garage door. Check to see whether or not the emergency handle release is activated.

Garage door falls

Remove debris or dirt from the track and check if the springs or cables look damaged. If they are, you are not supposed to repair them on your own, as you can get yourself hurt badly when handling such components. In such a scenario, you should contact a professional contractor to stay on the safe side.

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