My aging garage door was really showing its age after 15 long years of use. The wooden panels were starting to rot through and a few of the hinges were rusted completely solid. It was at the point that I was concerned it may not open or close reliably much longer. Time for a ‘Garage Door Replacement in Virginia Beach‘ I figured.

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Deteriorating Condition

Over the past year, I noticed more and more small cracks forming in the wood panels where water must have been seeping in and slowly breaking the wood down from the inside out. A few panels were so rotten, you could poke your finger right through the wood. Not exactly instilling confidence that it was still protecting my vehicles and belongings inside the garage.

The top panel also had a noticeable sag to it, no longer running straight across like it should. I assumed the aging pulley system was no longer operating as smoothly as it used to either. A couple coats of paint over the years didn’t do much to stop the inevitable wood rot either, it was clearly time for an upgrade.

Choosing A Replacement Option

When it came to selecting a replacement, I knew I wanted a material that would hold up much better long term than the original wooden door. Fiberglass was at the top of my list since it’s virtually maintenance-free and extremely durable. I started getting quotes from local garage door companies and settled on one that came highly recommended.

They did an inspection of the existing door and frame to determine what needed updated for a like-for-like replacement install. In the end, everything but the actual door panels would be swapped out – new tracks, springs, cables, rollers, hinges, and hardware. This would give the new fiberglass panels the proper support and smooth operation for years to come.

Installing The New Door

On installation day, the two-man crew had the old door removed and in the trash within an hour. They then started installing all the new components piece by piece – precise measurements were key so everything fit together seamlessly. With the new tracks securely in place, the handsome gray fiberglass panels went up next.

Within a few more hours, they were taking the door for a test run up and down on the new tracks and pulley system. Everything operated as smoothly as could be. There was certainly a noticeable difference versus the now ancient wooden model. The new contours of the fiberglass also gave it a cleaner look overall versus the aged wood panels.

Highly Satisfied With Results

Weeks later and I’m still thrilled with how the new garage door turned out. No more worries about it rotting away or becoming unreliable to use. Just smooth operation time and time again. Best of all, this fiberglass door should hold up virtually maintenance-free for many years to come with its protective finish. Definitely glad I made the decision for a full door replacement versus trying to patch up the old rotting wood model. If your garage door is showing its age too, consider a ‘Garage Door Replacement in Virginia Beach’ for prolonged protection and performance.