Want to clear all your doubts about garage door openers? We’ve got you covered. We have made a list of some of the most commonly asked questions about door opener. We’ll address them one by one. So read on to get answers to any garage door opener question you may have.

Garage Door FAQs – Answers to the Most Common Garage Door Opener Questions

What are different types of garage door openers available out there?

By browsing different garage door opener models online, you will get to know that door openers with a trolley come in two different styles. One employs a belt, while the other employs a chain. If you don’t like louder opener, consider investing in a chain-driven model as it’s way quieter than those driven by belt. Chain-driven models can employ a full chain or a cable/chain combination. We always suggest using a full-chain model, instead of a combo model.

How many different motor sizes available in the market?

If you want a heavy door opener that can facilitate your vigorous usage, look for a motor with higher horsepower. Going with a motor having .75 horsepower is a good option to function a door weighing up to 350 lbs. (160 KG).

Where should I buy my door opener?

You have endless options when it comes to buying a door opener. The interent is full of service providers offering a wide range of door openers. However, you should prefer those serving your area, as you can easily access them in case of any problem. Be sure to shortlist different names to compare the quality and prices.

Can I Install my opener on my own?

Yes, you can if you’ve enough knowledge of how to handle things when installing a door opener. Not only do you need the right knowledge, you also need to have the right tools necessary to perform the installation with greatest efficiency.