Most garage door springs last 10-15 years before needing replacement, so I hadn’t thought much about mine. The door opened and closed without issue for years. Then one day, I heard the unmistakable sound of a spring starting to go.

It began with an occasional high-pitched squeal as the door traveled open. At first it wasn’t constant so I didn’t worry. But within a couple weeks, the squeal happened on every cycle, getting louder each time. That’s when I knew repair was imminent.

Springs Can Be Dangerous

I understood just how forceful those springs are, having snapped and flung metal pieces before. After learning they can potentially injure or even kill if they break, I was eager to have them looked at safely. But I wanted to confirm the diagnosis myself first since spring repairs aren’t cheap.

Inspecting the Culprits

With the door fully closed, I carefully examined each side’s torsion springs winding around the shaft. Sure enough, one had developed gaps in its coils and was slightly misshapen compared to the other. The metal was showing signs of wear and fatigue. This spring was clearly the source of the noise as it cycled open and closed under pressure.

Time for a Pro

While I’m comfortable with basic garage door repairs, extending or replacing the heavy-duty springs requires special tools and training for maximum safety. The risks of a spring breaking during the work are just too high. I decided to contact Garage Door Spring Repair Smithfield to schedule an appointment. Their technicians are fully certified to work on torsion springs and get the job done efficiently.

Save Yourself the Risk

As the pros explained, the high tension in the springs makes this a two-person job, with one controlling the force while the other does the work. Just one mistake can cause serious injury. They also use springwinding machines and wind the coils in a controlled manner with safety brakes. It’s definitely not something to attempt without the right equipment and experience.

With such a noticeable squealing going on, I was glad to get the springs addressed before a true malfunction. As the certified techs from ‘Garage Door Spring Repair Smithfield’ said, the early warning sign saved me from potential issues down the road. Their quick repair work means my door is back to operating smoothly and safely once more.

Listen to the Clues

Paying attention to changes in your garage door’s sound or movement could save property damage and medical bills further on. Springs may seem simple but should be left to experts when problems surface. Sometimes all it takes is catching the subtle signs, like that initial squeal that said loud and clear – it’s time for a professional spring repair job.