A garage door consists of many moving parts, with springs and garage door opener being the most important. In this article, we’re going to talk about garage door springs in detail so you know what exactly are door springs. Read till the end to learn the maximum.

There’re two main types of springs being used in the garage door system; torsion springs, and extension springs. Both have been used in garage doors for years. However, torsion springs are used widely in comparison to extension springs because they last longer and have fewer exposed parts.

Different Types of Garage Door Springs

Torsion Springs

This is the most common type of springs. These springs use torque to execute its function, while an extension spring extends to complete its function. Torsion springs are usually powerful and last longer than other available types. Torque is the main driving force that the causes rotation. When the force of the door closing or opening is applied either by motor or hand, the coil turns and coils on the shaft.  Torsion springs come in different sizes and lengths, and the spring you use will be determined by the opening dimensions of the door.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are usually located in the upper horizontal tracks on each side of the door. These types of springs are normally used in spaces with low headroom. The springs extend to create a counterbalance to support the door. So, the more you open the door, the more force is stored and applied to the extension springs. Since a huge amount of force is applied on these springs, all the safety measures should be in place during the installation.

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