The cost of installing a garage door opener may vary from one opener model to another. The latest, advanced models require much effort to be installed properly, and therefore their installation cost is a little high. However, the average price to install a door opener can range from $125 to $199, while the door opener itself will cost around $120 to $250. This takes the total to anywhere between $242 and $485 to install a door opener. Prices vary depending on power, model, brand, and the type of door you’ve.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Garage Door Opener?

There’re three types of door openers; chain drive, screw drive and belt drive, with each type having its pros and cons. The market is full of the latest garage door openers. You can pick any type based on your requirements. To see which specific type best suits your needs, you should first identify your requirements.   There’re a number of factors to asses when choosing a door opener, including being economical, quiet and low maintenance. You should look for a quiet door opner if you reside above the garage, or you may want to buy a model that requires less maintenance if you aren’t a DIY person. Her’s what you should keep in mind when opting for a door opener:

Motor Capacity – The motor is the main feature of a garage door opener. So, it should be given special attention when buying a new door opener. The larger the motor the longer it’ll last, as it doesn’t have to perform hard. So your door opener’s motor should be at least 1-2 horsepower unit for improved longevity.

Safety Features – Nowadays, garage door openers with advanced safety features are considered best. People are more concerned about the safety of their properties. They want to keep potential intruders at bay, doing anything possible in their capacity to strengthen their home’s security.